Megan walks out on violent Declan

Fed up with taking the brunt of her brother’s stress, which has turned him violent, Megan leaves Home Farm. Worse still for failing businessman Declan, she accepts a job with Gil. With Home Farm on the brink of going bust, Declan’s devastated and wants his loyal sister to stay, but Megan is adamant that her decision is for the best. As she leaves, she quietly makes Robbie promise to keep an eye on his unhinged uncle.

Having agreed to take Jai back, Charity’s trying to put a brave face on his betrayal. But catching sight of him openly fawning over his lovechild son is really tough to take. Though Charity suggests Archie has his upcoming first birthday party at Holdgate, the decision cuts like a knife. Leaning on Debbie for support, she admits she feels like a ticking timebomb which is about to explode. Uh oh…

Determined to get a reaction out of David, who’s now happily shacked up with Alicia, Priya lines up a date with a personal trainer called Rhys. But will her former fiance give a stuff?