Megan wavers over her plot to stitch up Frank

Megan has doubts about her plot against Frank, but Charity won't let her step back from it

*Second episode*

At the Woolpack Megan’s touched when Frank remarks he views Eliza as a daughter and also wants to set up a charity for young people in trouble. He really seems to be a changed man and Megan squeezes his hand.

Charity clocks this from behind the bar and confronts Megan with the suggestion she’s wavering on her plan to get Frank sent down. Megan admits she’s beginning to have her doubts, but Charity insists they stick to their plot and when she later finds Frank’s forgotten his phone, she decides to pocket it. What is Charity up to?

Elsewhere Jacob has an important decision to make and Marlon senses that something is not right with Rhona.