Megan’s a friend in need

*Second episode*

Realising Megan is still pregnant after all, Sam offers her a place to stay. She’s grateful for his support, but when her ex, Jai, hears what’s going on he evicts Sam! At the factory, Priya and Rishi are desperately trying to save the business from going under following all the rumours flying around about Jai. When Rishi learns his son has now made Megan homeless, he warns Jai he’ll only help him recover the business if he lets Megan stay rent free with Sam.

Alicia tells Jacob they won’t be returning to Portugal yet as David needs to be there for grieving Pollard. Meanwhile, Val’s DVD is still doing the rounds. When Doug watches it, he’s determined to prove Val was wrong about him.

Harriet decides Bob should tell Ged what he wants to hear, hoping Bob will be released from prison before the violent thug goes to trial and realises she’s lied about changing her statement.