Megan’s funeral shock (VIDEO)

On the day of Robbie’s funeral, Megan receives a wreath which she assumes is from Jimmy, but who really sent it? And when the service is underway, she struggles to keep it together as she asks the congregation to pray for Robbie and Declan. Afterwards, the mourners head off to the wake, but Megan holds back. What does she have planned?

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sam are keen to keep an eye of Charity, but she insists she’ll be fine on her own as she busies herself with work. What she doesn’t realise, however, is that there is a big shock in store for her…

After finding out that Jimmy went to a sperm bank before his vasectomy, Nicola’s worried Jimmy wants more kids. But when she suggests they try for another baby and shows him the research she’s done into vasectomy reversals, Jimmy’s horrified and explains that it’s not what he wants at all. Nicola’s relieved, but are Jimmy’s thoughts still with baby Carl?