Megan’s trapped inside as Home Farm burns!

Home Farm is fast being swallowed up in flames but Declan is refusing to leave. Fortunately, something clicks and unable to go through with his suicide, Declan jumps out of the window. As he races off with Charity in her car, Megan emerges from the woods, having failed to find her brother. Clocking the fire, horrified, she rushes in, mistakenly thinking Declan must be inside. Fighting through the smoke, brave Megan searches for Declan but as the house starts to collapse, she’s knocked out by a falling beam…

At Wishing Well, the Dingles celebrate Sam and Rachel’s engagement. Soon, news of the fire reaches the family, turning Sam’s blood to stone. Knowing he knocked over the Christmas tree when he was returning the presents he stole from Home Farm, he’s convinced he started the blaze. Rushing over there, Sam panics as the fire crew carry out an unconscious Megan.

Brenda’s grief at losing Gennie has started to overwhelm her. As she visits her daughter’s grave, Kerry brings her a glass of champers and does her best to comfort her.