Mel and Greg discover the truth

Hilary offers to baby-sit Arthur then she does a runner and a furious Mel and Greg miss their flight to Spain. Mel and Greg track Hilary and Arthur down and they demand an explanation but they are stunned when Ashley drops the bombshell that Daniel and Arthur may have been swapped at birth. Laurel is furious with Ashley when a stunned Mel breaks down and Greg insists that Ashley and Laurel leave.

Matthew is determined to take revenge on the Dingles for Eli’s manure prank and he tells Zak to keep a log of the hours he works or else face the sack. Zak realises he’s taking the rap for Eli’s argument with Matthew and he confronts him, but they’re both shocked when Belle admits that she tipped the manure on Matthew’s car. Zak makes Belle apologise to Matthew and hopes he’ll keep his job.

Katie finds Gray moping after their argument and she is taken aback when he proposes to her! Katie is still worried about their future together but she is so stunned that she accepts. Gray is thrilled and he insists that he will do whatever it takes to show that he loves her.

Also, Pollard gets another blackmail demand.