Jerry is less than impressed that Teresa has managed to wheedle her way back into the house through the kids. When he finds her baking cakes he immediately thinks she’s up to her old poisoning tricks and tries to throw her out. Mel is devastated when she arrives home to hear Jerry lambasting Teresa for trying to kill him and she goes straight into police officer mode and arrests her mum for attempted murder!

Fiz feels awkward about the fact that she is back with John and asks Julie to keep it a secret from their workmates. Julie agrees but Fiz had not banked on John telling the world about them getting back together and turning up at work armed with a large bouquet of flowers.

Harry is already bored with Clarissa and slinks over to the Rovers for a quick drink. Harry hides in the back yard and convinces Liz to serve him but she points out that if he is going to make this a regular thing he will need to get a spy to watch out for the missus.

Also, Becky hints to Jason about getting a place together; Dev is rattled when he gets a mysterious dinner invite to Prem’s.

*Second episode, 8:30pm*

Dev realises that his worries about the dinner party at Prem’s were unfounded when it’s clear that Prem has decided to do some matchmaking and introduces Dev to his and Nina’s beautiful daughter Tara. A jealous Nina is furious with Prem’s interference and decides to warn Dev off Tara in no uncertain terms.

Mel is dismayed when Jerry arrives at the police station and refuses to press charges against Teresa. Jerry claims that he is worried about the effect it will have on the kids but Mel just wants her mum to pay for what she has done. Back at home Teresa is given her marching orders and she cuts a sad and lonely figure as she carries her bags away from the house.

Fiz’s mates are all worried about her being back with John and even Maria has a row with her about giving him another chance. John starts to worry about whether they can have a future in Weatherfield but he tells Fiz that he loves her and wants them to ride out the storm.

Also, Bill prompts Jason to suggest getting a flat with Becky; Lloyd is hired by both Harry and Clarissa to spy on their other half!