EastEnders Spoilers: Will things go to plan when Mel Owen and Billy Mitchell reopen the E20 club?

Mel Owen and Billy Mitchell prepare to launch the new look club, Hunter Owen makes Phil Mitchell feel nervous, and Tina Carter is on a match making mission!

It’s the day of the grand opening of the E20 club and Mel Owen and Billy Mitchell are determined for everything to go smoothly. Phil and Sharon, however, are at loggerheads when Phil refuses to attend the opening and Sharon is not impressed! Meanwhile, when Louise tells a surprised Bex that she thinks she’s ready to sleep with Hunter, Carmel overhears and is concerned. Carmel gives the girls some sound romantic advice and it makes Louise wonder whether she can really trust Hunter.

Phil is thoughtful when Hunter makes him question the strength of the security at the club. He realises that Hunter has a point. When Hunter comes up with a bright idea and suggests Phil hook up the CCTV cameras to his mobile phone, so he can keep tabs at all times, Phil sees the sense in it. But is Hunter up to something?

Also, Tina talks Jack into taking Honey to the club opening night. Although initially unsure, Honey gives in when Jack says he wants her to help him make Mel jealous. Plotting to reunite Honey and Billy, Tina tells Billy to get Honey drunk so he can win her back. But Billy is horrified when instead of talking to him, Honey starts flirting with Jack!