EastEnders Spoilers: Mel Owen wants son Hunter Owen to stay well away from Phil and the Mitchells!

Mel Owen warns Hunter Owen away from Phil Mitchell. Meanwhile, Ted Murray's daughter Judith arrives in the Square but doesn't see eye-to-eye with her dad.

Hunter is determined to speak to Phil and he heads off to see him. He pretends to Phil that he’s interested in following up Phil’s promise to show him the ropes at the garage. But what is Hunter really up to? When Mel finds Hunter with Phil, she tries to get him to leave but eventually gives in to Hunter’s persuasion and lets him stay.

Bernie pops in to see Ted but he’s waiting for his daughter Judith to turn up now that he’s given her the tragic news about Joyce. When Judith arrives, she doesn’t have the grandkids with her as expected, and coldly tries to take control of the situation. When it clicks that Joyce died a few days ago, Judith is furious with her dad for delaying telling her. Judith breaks down and accuses Ted of being a bad husband to Joyce.

Judith agrees to go to the café with Ted, once he’s calmed her down. When they bump into Bernice, Ted ends up sitting down and playing chess with her. Judith is hurt by Ted’s obvious pride in Bernie and blurts out that Ted never bothered about his own family. She also accuses Ted of trying to ruin her wedding, before storming out…

Also, Kat’s grand plans to make a fresh start in the Square are quashed.