Mel is still struggling with the guilt that she is responsible for Abi’s injuries by forcing her to get involved in the fight and she can’t face going into work. Jerry wonders if Mel has enough nerve for a career in the police as she heads off to drown her sorrows in the Rovers. Several drinks later, Mel heads off in a taxi, refusing to confess where she’s going. Teresa and Darryl are worried and follow her and discover that she’s gone back to the club where Abi was injured.

Fiz throws another sickie to spend the day with John and she admits that she would miss him if he left Weatherfield. Fiz tells a delighted John that she’s willing to give their relationship another try, despite the resistance they may have to deal with.

Liam and Tom throw themselves into preparing the stock for their new business and an unwitting Maria muses about how nicely they’re doing without Carla. Liam and Tom feel guilty about keeping the truth from Maria, but neither are prepared to let Maria in on their secret.

Also, Amber arranges a date with Darryl, and Dev tries to scupper her chances; Dev gets fed up with Nina’s reckless attitude towards their affair.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Teresa spies Mel trailing thug Charelle and her friends in the club. Mel sends the bouncer on a wild goose chase and is about to make her move when Teresa intervenes. Teresa tells Mel that she risks losing her job and getting a prison sentence if she beats up Charelle, and Mel sees sense and gives up on her plan. Teresa decides that Charelle still needs her comeuppance and she follows Charelle into the ladies and attacks her.

Amber is excited about her date with Darryl, but she’s gutted when a preoccupied Darryl forgets all about it and fails to show up. Amber decides to console herself with chocolate, but Darryl appears full of apologies and they soon kiss and make up.

Dev is late for a meeting with Prem, but Nina is at the flat and refuses to hurry up. Eventually, Prem turns up and Dev is forced to hurriedly hide Nina in the bedroom. Dev is furious that Prem almost discovered their affair and tells Nina it’s over. Nina darkly warns Dev that no one dumps her!

Also, Julie is disapproving when she learns that Fiz has taken back John; Carla is smug when Liam lies to Maria about his whereabouts after their business meeting.