Mel threatens Phil Mitchell to get hold of her money

Mel is still determined to get her money one way or another and she confronts Phil Mitchell, with a threat in a bid to push him.

Vincent is edgy when there is a break in at the Albert, courtesy of Aidan. Mel, meanwhile, is getting frustrated with Phil and insists that he’d better find the money by the end of the day or she’ll tell Aidan about Ben. When Phil later sees Vincent, he’s unnerved when Vincent says they should grass Aidan up to the police to get him out of the way. Phil uses the situation to shift Aidan’s suspicions from Mick to Vincent to keep Ben’s name out of it.

Kim talks to Patrick about Vincent having to sell the Albert. A concerned Patrick encourages Vincent to be honest with his wife. Meanwhile, Denise is birthday is coming up and Kim has a surprise for her. She reveals to Patrick that she’s got hold of a DNA test so her and Denise can find out whether they are sisters after all.

Robbie has had one of Mariam’s samosas and he’s so impressed he talks Masood into selling them at the market. After stealing Mariam’s secret recipe, Masood has a go at making them himself but Robbie is not happy with his efforts!

Also, Bernadette asks Ted to teach her how to play chess.