Mel threatens to do her worst

Harvey is stunned when a court order arrives from Mel and he sets out to confront her. He asks her not to make things ugly and to think of the pressure she’s putting on Lottie, but Mel is adamant and threatens to expose the whole truth about Ben’s death in court. When Harvey returns, his whole attitude has changed, making Roo suspicious and she decides to face Mel herself. Mel tells her Harvey’s dark secret – he was drunk when Ben died in the boating accident. If Lottie knew, she’d never forgive her father…

Casey suspects Brax is doing a drug deal to pay off Danny and tries to convince his brother that their father doesn’t want the money. Brax, however, knows his father is lying to keep him sweet and prepares for his deal. Meanwhile, Danny learns about Ruby’s money and invites her to join them for a barbecue, making Casey suspicious.

And Indi’s surprised to learn that Romeo is sticking to his sales job.