Mel tries to flee with Arthur

Mel decides to leave the village with Arthur before Greg gets his DNA results and she persuades Greg to leave with them. Shadrach doesn’t realise what the couple are planning and drives them to the airport. Back at the village Ashley sees Jake loading Mel and Greg’s suitcases. He works out what’s going on and rushes to the airport. Mel has left Arthur’s passport in Shadrach’s cab and Ashley sees Shadrach and retrieves it. Mel realises the game is up and they are forced to return to the village. But when Mel gets a moment on her own with Arthur, she takes the baby and flees…

Val is furious when she turns up at the factory and finds Eric mid-discussion with Rosalind. The women fight but Rosalind makes it clear she was never interested in Pollard. When Pollard and Val twig that Rosalind was the blackmailer all along, Val loyally sides with her man and the couple are reunited.

Chas is jealous of new sister Gennie and the warm welcome that the family have given her. A miffed Chas decides to head off on holiday to show her family just what they are missing when she isn’t around!

Also, Jamie has a disaster with his cabbage crop.