Melissa’s first day nightmare

It’s Melissa Ryan’s first day at Waterloo Road and, as Rachel’s sister, she has a lot to prove. Rachel tries to keep the family connection a secret but Melissa’s son, Philip, reveals the secret after being bullied by Bolton and Paul. The news spreads like wildfire and Deputy Head Eddie is furious that he is the last to know.

Unfortunately, Melissa’s teaching skills are pretty poor and she has a hard time inspiring a class of adults. She loses control completely when Candice and Rose Kelly have a fight. Eddie comes to the rescue but, by lunch time, half the class has given up. Can Melissa rally the local community and encourage more adults to turn up for the class?

Elsewhere in the school, new security guard Dave develops a crush on Steph and Tom’s not having such a good time with the Kelly family living next door, as yet another party rages into the night… Later, Eddie and Melissa meet in the pub and have an instant chemistry. Can Eddie really get involved with Rachel’s sister?