Melody dumps Geoff

Aware that Melody is still struggling to deal with what happened with Axel, Geoff invites her to dinner at the Beach House. But when she arrives to find that the whole family will be joining them, she’s overcome with anxiety and flees, leaving Geoff startled and hurt. Later, she explains to him that her life has changed since the Axel incident and she can’t be with Geoff anymore.

Jealous about Aden’s flirtations with Belle, Nicole is infuriated when she spots the pair together after Aden told her he’d be visiting his Dad. She confronts a bemused Belle and, later, Aden realises Nicole fancies him. Aden spitefully taunts her and nastily tells her to stay out of his life.

Irene tries to help Kirsty by visiting Kane in jail in an attempt to persuade him to see his wife. Eventually, Kirsty manages to see him but is crushed when Kane tells her to forget about him. He can’t stand to think of her waiting around for years while he is in prison and he doesn’t want Ollie to see him behind bars. After an emotional embrace, Kane takes off his wedding band and places it in Kirsty’s hand, before being led away.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday August 6*

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