With Morag behind him, Miles feels more positive about the P & C meeting. Meanwhile, Jazz attempts to blackmail Bartlett into keeping Miles on, no matter what happens at the meeting, but he is unafraid of her threats. Later at the meeting, the parents are appalled by Christine’s photos, until Morag points out that taking photos of kids on school grounds without their consent is illegal – what sort of person would do such a thing?

Determined to make her point, Christine presents humiliated Melody to the meeting, detailing her daughter’s newfound interest in Geoff and her recent drop in marks, blaming it all on Miles. Finally, Melody can’t take it anymore, and loses her temper before fleeing the meeting. Spurned on by her daughter’s attack, Christine attacks Miles and his history on the street. Unimpressed by her pettiness, the meeting vote against her call to dismiss Miles.

Having got bail, Noel is out of jail. Concerned about Viv, Ric decides she should stay at Summer Bay House. But, Viv worries that if Noel finds her he may be able to talk her round, and decides to go into hiding until the baby is born.

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