Melody goes to stay with Miles

Having just seen Melody kidnapped by her own mother, Geoff races after Christine’s car. Geoff manages to get in front of the vehicle, but Christine breaks too late, and Geoff is thrown to the ground. Luckily, Geoff isn’t seriously hurt. Meanwhile, Miles lays into Christine for her treatment of Melody and Christine finally begins to feel guilty. Melody tells Christine she won’t divorce her, but she can’t live with her either, and she intends to stay with Miles.

When Aden tells Belle about Tim’s warning, she sees it as proof that something shady is going on. Later, Aden’s dad Larry phones Belle from prison after Aden ignores his calls. Belle asks Aden to visit his dad and he relents when she offers to go with him. The visit goes well, and in a return gesture, Aden agrees to accompany Belle to check out the development site. When a security guard comes across their car, Aden kisses Belle. Luckily, the guard falls for their ruse, but is it more than just an act?

Worried about Kane’s lawyer’s demands for money, Kirsty is getting desperate. Trish, a fellow employee at The Sands, explains that some of the girls work as escorts on the side. Will Kirsty be tempted?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday November 26*