Melody is expelled from Summer Bay High!

Melody reveals that she took drugs with Matthew and, as a consequence, locked the doors of the school hall. Bartlett is not impressed that Miles’s efforts have failed. Miles attempts to dissuade Bartlett from calling the police, and is shocked when Bartlett expels Melody from Summer Bay High. The School Captain steps down from her post and it seems that Nicole may be reinstated.

Belle is convinced that Tim killed Jack and is wracked with guilt for stirring things up with the development site. She’s terrified to go home and won’t leave hospital. Roman is concerned that Aden is worrying so much about Belle that he’s not capitalising on his good HSC results and changing his university preferences.

Rachel wants to act in Alf’s best interest, since she uncovered Bridget’s scam. She tells Bridget that she’s got to leave by the end of the day. She must tell Alf she’s going to the USA for treatment and then, when things have died down, she must finish with him. But Brian, Bridget’s partner in crime, isn’t missing out on his cut of the money. When Alf pleads with her to stay until after Jack’s funeral, Bridget agrees. Will Bridget have time to pull off her scam to fleece Leah after all?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday February 6*

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