Melody Jones turns up to ask Nicole and Geoff for help, having run away from the clinic after harassment from her mother. Nicole thinks Geoff should tell the police or clinic, but he refuses to betray Melody. Later, Nicole overhears a conversation between Melody’s father and Charlie, and discovers Melody’s mother, Christine, is actually in New Zealand. Shocked by Melody’s obvious delusion, Nicole tells Geoff. But when the pair arrive back at the house, Melody is nowhere to be found.

Bartlett tries to impress Kirsty with his new motorbike, but ends up falling off in front of the students. He insists he’s fine, but after a dizzy spell Kirsty takes him to hospital. When the doctor insists he spend the rest of the day resting, Kirsty is left with no choice but to agree to look after him. She ends up feeling sorry for lonely Bartlett when she sees his empty house and freezer full of TV dinners, but is stunned when he asks her to move in with him.

With her crush on Miles getting stronger, Ruby deliberately gets detention with him. Things don’t go to plan when she’s let home early and Annie arrives to see Miles kissing Kirsty. But with her sight obscured, she assumes Miles is kissing Ruby…

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday October 28*

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