Just as Melody’s mental health apparently improves, she becomes convinced that Axel is at the clinic to get her, seemingly unaware he’s dead. Meanwhile, her mum Christine has returned from New Zealand, but is frustrated at not being allowed to see Melody. She gives Annie a bible to pass on to her daughter, asking her not to say where it came from.

But when Annie hands the bible over, Melody knows exactly who it’s from, and scrawls all over the pages. When Christine hears how Melody has deteriorated, she blames it on the clinic. Annie and Geoff later arrive to visit Melody, and are shocked to find her gone, checked out by her mother.

As Morag worries about Ross’s frequent memory losses, Rachel’s worst fears that it may be Alzheimer’s disease prove well founded when the tests come back positive. Aware there is no cure, Morag, Charlie and Ruby are heartbroken at the realisation that they can only do their best to be there for Ross.

With Aden being released from the clinic, Belle feels nervous about his reaction to her dating Angelo. When she bumps into Aden, he seems fine with the situation, and promises not to cause trouble. But it seems Aden isn’t as happy with everything as he seems…

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday November 5*

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