Mel’s at the edge of despair

Harvey manages to get a distraught Mel to talk and it’s soon apparent that she’s barely coping, still despairing over the death of their son, Ben. Then Lottie walks in on Mel admitting that she could move on if her daughter wasn’t around, but Lottie realises that her mother loves her but needs time and space. Mel apologises to Roo for her recent behaviour and Roo agrees to let Lottie stay with her until Mel gets the help she needs.

Gina is shocked to see that Jett has run away from his foster family and stunned when he asks to stay with her instead. Xavier and John aren’t happy when Gina agrees and arranges things with the authorities, and John warns the young lad not to take advantage of Gina’s generosity.

Dex tells Sasha of his heartbreak and she tells April in no uncertain terms what she thinks of her. April, meanwhile, takes it out on Dex and expresses her annoyance to Irene. She, however, tells April some home truths and makes her realise she really wants to be with Dex. She finds the bemused Dex in The Diner and tells him that she loves him.