The ED are in shock over Heather’s unexpected death in last week’s inferno, and staff hold a two minute vigil in her memory. Adam is taking her loss particularly badly – he blames himself for sending a junior doctor into a dangerous situation.

When work resumes on the ward, Adam struggles to hold it together. He loses his temper with the staff, even though no one’s done anything wrong.

The pressures of his job mean he’s got little time to focus on his relationship with Jessica – and her ex Sean is back on the scene…

Zoe is equally stressed over her “mother’s” illness and divides the student doctors up. Yuki is sent on a shout with Jeff and Polly, Lenny accompanies her and May is assigned to Ruth for the day. But all three struggle in their own way and are banned from treating patients for the rest of the shift.

Later, in a counselling session with Ben, the trio open up. And each in turn reveals that recent events have shaken them. Ben identifies that each of them is missing a part of themselves and the three resolve to work on their flaws and soon realise they can help each other by working as a team.

As the new team celebrates in the pub later that evening, Zoe slips out to make a call on her mobile – to someone who is with Nick Jordan!