Desperate to jog Mike’s retrograde amnesia (is there any other kind?) Susan comes up with a cunning plan – kidnapping him in an ambulance and taking him on a tour of Wisteria Lane. But he doesn’t remember any of it until she trips on a curb and her clumsiness seems to jog something. But just as progress is being made, Edie arrives in an ambulance to take Mike back to hospital. Susan insists that good will triumph over evil.

Danielle makes a half-hearted attempt to kill herself after Bree stops her affair with her history teacher. Bree takes them to family counselling, but Danielle insists she’s going to keep seeing Mr Faladi. Bree visits him and manages to persuade him to end it, but her daughter is so angry she tells her school AND Mrs Faladi.

Tom finally decides he knows what he wants to do – open a pizzeria. She, however, thinks it’ll be a failure after listening to Nora. She is being very clever – telling Tom that actually she thinks it’ll be a success. Of course, he’s all ears.

Gabrielle and Carlos continue to wind each other up by inviting prospective lovers back home and putting them in a range of compromising positions. She invites a hated business rival Phil Lopez home and they make noisy love, though Carlos jokes that she never seemed to ‘pull the trigger’.

Next morning, he finds a complete stranger in their bed. Gabrielle tells him with relish that they spent all night ‘pulling the trigger’!