As Jacqui persuades Mercedes to go for an HIV test, Kris is fed up with Malachy’s self pity, and tells him to sort his future out. Meanwhile, Mercedes heads to the SU bar for a drink after her HIV test and ends up flirting dangerously with some random men. Jacqui arrives and pulls her away, and Mercedes eventually breaks down in her sister’s arms.

Darren suggests Frankie and Jack spend the day in each other’s company and is pleased when Frankie agrees to find out about Newt’s adoption. Meanwhile, Newt worries the Osborne’s secretiveness means he is being sent back into care. Concerned about Newt, Steph makes Frankie tell him about the move to Spain.

But after a phone call from Social Services, Frankie reveals that the adoption has fallen through. Darren’s plan is thwarted yet again as Frankie confirms that if Newt can’t come, there’s no way she’s moving to Spain.

Feeling embarrassed about rejecting Tina yesterday, Russ spends most of the day avoiding her. But after witnessing how upset Tina is over Mercedes, Russ decides he needs his support, and ends up leaning in for a kiss.

Also, Justin has some suggestions to how Ste can deal with his anger issues.

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