Mercedes confronts Louise

Mercedes and Russ return from their honeymoon but Mercedes is irritated that Carmel is still on speaking terms with Louise after she tried to ruin the wedding. She’s even more unhappy when she has a run-in with a drunk Calvin, who accuses her of being just another of Warren’s cheap tarts.

Furious, Mercedes confronts Louise, who is unapologetic and even tries to convince Mercedes to be Warren’s alibi. However, Mercedes knows it will end her marriage to Russ if she tells the truth.

As she puts Hannah through a gruelling regime of starvation and exercise, Melissa also tries to influence her new friend by telling her about the joys of casual sex. The girls go for a night out at The Loft, and Hannah returns home with a man, intent on a casual encounter. However, worried Gilly tries to convince her not to spend the night with him.

Unable to tell his mum about Nancy, Jake tries to resist Frankie’s efforts to match make him with a girl she knows. Later, when Jake and Nancy return home, a surprise phone call from a lawyer concerning Becca brings back painful memories and leads Nancy to consider if her new relationship with Jake is morally right.

*Screened on TV3, Friday August 24*