Mercedes debates Carl’s generous offer

Myra goes to Jacqui for help, asking for two grand to pay off Kathleen. Jacqui will only help if Myra makes Bart move out. In desperation Myra asks Mercedes, who tells her she will try her best. Mercy goes to see Carl telling him she will leave Hollyoaks and dump Riley if he gives her ten grand and he agrees. She goes to dump Riley but he protests and gives her half an hour to decide how she really feels. Carl watches on as she tells Riley she loves him. Later, Jacqui sees Carl blackmail Mercy, telling her that she will get nothing from him.

After seeing what Mercedes was prepared to do, Jacqui tells Myra and Mercy that she will get rid of Kathleen or die trying.

Cheryl enlists the help of Alfonse to make her over after Warren leaves without saying goodbye. But whilst she is undressing Alfonse’s feelings get the better of him and the pair kiss.

Also; The school disco approaches as the students fight to secure their dates. Rob tells Sinead and Tyler that unless they find dates by the end of the day they will be going to the disco together; Theresa blows out Ethan when she realises how serious he and Liberty are..

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