Gilly feels awful for the way he’s treated Cheryl. When Mercedes pops in to the Dog, she’s quick to take delight in ridiculing Cheryl’s single situation. However, Cheryl has the last laugh and tells her she’s already moved on – to Calvin – with Gilly in earshot. When Rhys tells Gilly that Steph’s broken up with Fernando, he decides to face her, however, a guilty Cheryl sticks her oar in and tells him that Steph’s crazy about Fernando.

Hannah announces she’s going travelling with Kris and Zoe. But she overhears their reservations and flees. Later she agrees with them and pulls out, only for Kris and Zoe to discover that Zak and Michaela are considering tagging along.

Amy offers Mike a contribution now that she’s working. Admitting that he’s way behind on course work and that Sarah’s death has affected him profoundly, he’s decided to drop out of college. Amy arrives at Ste’s and he’s grateful that she brought the kids ’round and insists he’s making something of his life.

Also, Mercedes confronts Calvin about his ‘kiss’ with Cheryl. Flattered, he maintains it was just a drunken snog. Thankful that Cheryl has let him off the hook, Calvin tells Mercedes he can’t be without her, and Kris sees them kiss.

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