Worried that she may be pregnant by Tony, Mercedes isn’t interested in advising Jacqui on how to keep Tony happy in bed. Later, during a staff crisis at Il Gnosh, Mercedes reluctantly helps Jacqui out. Not happy at Mercedes being there, Tony tells her to go, prompting Mercedes to lose it and drop her bombshell on a horrified Tony.

As Darren and Jessica celebrate their win at the casino, Jessica is sceptical at Darren’s declaration that he’s quitting gambling for good. Darren then tries to again to apologise to a frosty Zoe for stealing her cash. She accepts but makes it clear to him that he’s still got lot of making up to do.

Deciding to put Rhys straight, Gilly asks him to try to accept the fact that Beth may actually like him. Later, Gilly is pleased to get the chance to pursue Hannah without Rhys, when Neville asks Rhys to do a shift at Drive ‘N’ Buy. Rhys and Hannah bond as they do their shift, but their happy moment is short-lived when Rhys sees Gilly and Beth arm in arm, and wonders what they’re up to.

Also, things don’t go to plan as Zoe tries to direct Steph in her Hollyoaks promotional film.