Mercedes eyes a new man

Carmel and Mercedes prepare for their luxury spa trip but are surprised when they discover they’ve actually been booked on a survival course. Things take a turn for the better when Mercedes sets her sights on Army instructor Vic. Carmel is concerned for her sister but Mercedes chooses to ignore her in favour of going off with Vic. However, a close encounter with Vic only proves that she is still in love with Russell.

Steph’s delight at speaking to Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff is short-lived when she gets unexpectedly soaked. Max attempts to cheer her up with a dance-off, and he seems to have succeeded until she has an epileptic seizure. Touched by his kindness and chivalry, Steph offers Max a peck on the cheek, but the spark between them signals that this could be the start of something more.

Amy is furious at the devastation from last night’s party, but is grateful that Ste is on hand to help tidy up. However, when she sees Michaela turn up, desperate Amy begs Ste to hide. Michaela mouths off about Ste while he’s hiding and he hears every word. Later, Ste rebukes Amy for not trusting him when he catches her checking the housekeeping kitty and Amy has to stop him from walking out.