Mercedes fears for Malachy’s health

Mercedes worries that Malachy is seeing Cheryl again when he’s in a distant mood with her. She confronts her hubby and Malachy is forced to confess that he couldn’t bring himself to go to the doctors. Mercedes is furious that he let her down and she storms off and it’s up to Kris and Cheryl to force Malachy to have a test.

Ash convinces Spencer that Warren wants him to sell him The Loft. Spencer is frustrated when he asks Calvin about selling the club and Calvin is unsure. Calvin talks things over with Leo and decides to help Spencer sell it, not realising that Ash has manipulated Spencer to get his hands on the club himself.

Hannah is still brooding about her mistaken marriage and she’s frustrated when Darren tries to win her round by plying her with gifts. Suzanne insists that Hannah gets her annulment as soon as possible then move back to the family home. Hannah is incensed by her controlling mum and tells Darren that they are staying married no matter what and Darren can’t believe his luck.

Also, Zak has another saucy dream – this time about Carmel – and Michaela’s furious when she finds out.

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