Calvin and Mercedes’ flirting is interrupted when Malachy arrives for work for a penguin themed dating event. Carmel arrives looking stunning, but admits she’s not sure she’s ready for a new love interest; however, a determined Mercedes finds the match for Carmel at the dating event. Meanwhile, Malachy’s torn watching Mercedes and Calvin.

Calvin and Carmel are surprised when they realise their penguins are a match, but the moment is ruined when Archie sends her flying. Evicting Archie from The Loft, Malachy finds himself on the end of a rollicking from Calvin. As tempers flare, Mercedes steps in and Malachy suggests they look into renting a flat of their own and he’s thrilled when Mercedes agrees…

Hannah’s shocked when she finds herself face to face with her ex, Jamie in The Dog. After hearing that Hannah’s told Jamie to leave, Rhys heads off in pursuit. Rhys tells Jamie to steer clear of his sister before sealing his words with violence.

Archie’s worried about his financial affairs, now Zoe’s left he has no one to give him advice. Later, he bumps into Sheila and offers her a legal high. Refusing to take up his offer, instead, she fishes for news of Elliot and helps Archie back home…

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