Mercedes gets her test results

Mercedes gets her HIV test results through the post, but shocks Michaela by refusing to open them and asks her sister to get rid of them. Unsure what to do, Michaela persuades Myra to go and see her. Myra asks Mercedes and Malachy over for tea but Jacqui can’t forgive her sister for sleeping with Tony and the atmosphere is tense. Meanwhile, Jacqui finds Mercedes’ unopened results letter and she and the family put pressure on Mercedes to open it. Mercedes appears crushed by the results and flees the house, leaving her family devastated.

Sarah is unenthusiastic when Zoe buys Mike an old motorbike for their trip round Europe. Archie comes round to help Mike do up the bike and the quartet share an awkward dinner before Sarah decides to have some fun and take Archie to bed.

Josh is concerned at Amy’s overly emotional state and is forced to take her to hospital when she doubles up in pain. Amy is embarrassed when it turns out to be nothing serious and her mood takes another downturn when Suzanne mentions Josh going off to uni.

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