Following her one night stand with Warren, Mercedes returns home to get the third degree from her mum who isn’t impressed with her behaviour and encourages her to sort things out with Russ.

Elsewhere, Dominic puts Russ straight on the origins of his STD – which sends him running over to Mercedes’ place to reassure her that his recent STD wasn’t her fault. They manage to patch up their relationship, but Mercedes is riddled with guilt over her one night stand, and worries that her actions will come back to haunt her.

Dominic and Tony play Good Samaritans as they hatch a plan to sort out the tangled lives of OB and Max who still aren’t speaking. But after they are congratulating themselves on a job well done, it seems things haven’t quite gone as planned.

When arch enemies Kris and Jessica find themselves trapped together in a locked bathroom, it isn’t long before their frosty relationship begins to thaw with a heart to heart. But their newfound friendship soon disappears when they leave the locked room and they return to mutual loathing.

Also, manipulative Will offers Zoe a shoulder to cry on, but there’s a bit more on his mind.