After their night of passion, Malachy is still guilt-ridden about being unable to tell Mercedes about his HIV. Meanwhile, as Kris heads back to The Dog for a shift, Malachy panics that Kris will discover he hasn’t told Mercedes the truth. Mercedes arrives at The Dog and Kris is surprised at her light-hearted attitude.

Suspicious at his strange questions, Mercedes asks Kris why he’s acting so strangely towards her and Kris is shocked to realise Mercedes knows nothing about the HIV. Mercedes later confronts Malachy on The Dog patio, demanding to know what’s going on – and she’s distraught when Malachy reveals he could have infected her with HIV.

As the fallout from Tina‘s revelation about Russ continues, Jacqui thanks her sister for not telling Tony that she already knew the truth. Still feeling guilty about Dom, Tina tries to explain to him that her run-in with Pete Webster prompted her to sleep with Russ. But Dom is angry at what he sees as her excuses and tells her he will never forgive her.

Also, Darren plans a special meal for Jack and Frankie to encourage them to leave for Spain together, and Amy tells Josh she wants to try again.

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