Mercedes is back!

Mercedes and Malachy return to Hollyoaks married, homeless and broke but happy. Mercedes refuses to ask her Mum for lodgings so they are forced to ask Kris for help in Halls. Meanwhile, Michaela hears an answer phone message for Mercedes and guesses it is about Mercedes’ second HIV test.

When Carmel and Michaela finally find Mercedes, she tells Michaela to forget about it, as it’s a lose-lose situation and she and Malachy just want to enjoy their honeymoon. Michaela forces her sister to eventually go for her second test and convinces her it’s better to know what she’s facing. However, after the test, Mercedes tells Michaela that she doesn’t want to know the result.

Mike can’t work out why there is so much tension between Sarah and Zoe and concludes that Sarah has a problem with her friend seeing her Dad. Meanwhile, Sarah is still furious that Zoe cheated on Mike with his own daughter. Unable to take the guilt any longer, Sarah delivers Zoe with an ultimatum, if she won’t break up with Mike, Sarah will tell him the truth.

Rhys tells Hannah she shouldn’t have slept with Matt so easily and he won’t be coming back. Rhys bets Hannah that Matt won’t return, so is shocked when Matt reappears at The Dog.

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