Cindy decides to call her son Hilton. Meanwhile, Mercedes is determined to help Cindy but Alex is disgusted when he finds out who Mercedes really is. However, he still agrees to take the bone marrow test for Hilton.

Ziggy goes to see Ruby and tries to persuade her that he has been faithful. He lies about what he got up to last night but when Ruby finds an earring in Ziggy’s bed, she assumes it belongs to Frankie, who is alarmed when she sees her hair has been chopped off in her sleep. Ruby happily admits that she did it and tells the Osbornes that Frankie slept with Ziggy, again.

Ziggy is pushed to confess what happened with Leela, leaving Ruby mortified and Frankie vindicated. With the Osbornes’ and her own relationship destroyed, Ruby decides the only way to make things right is to leave.

Meanwhile, Tegan has a cunning idea to get what she wants.