Heidi witnesses Malachy and Lynsey sharing a kiss and tells Mercedes. As Malachy and Lynsey discuss the bleak prospect of anyone discovering their secret tryst, a furious Mercedes watches on.

Fern snatches Jasmine’s bag but as she browses through Jasmine’s mobile, a teacher confiscates it. Meanwhile, Bart resolves to teach Fern a lesson. Jasmine changes into Jason ready for a night with Mark and the boys and parts ways with Anita. But Fern has seen everything, and follows Jason.

Nancy and Theresa decide to call a truce. Meanwhile, Mitzeee gets an invite to the cage-fighting night, on the condition that she brings some attractive friends. Theresa overhears Mitzeee and Nancy’s got an idea; this would be great material for a piece. Nancy and Theresa are excited for the night ahead, but Mitzeee worries that she’s made a mistake.

Also; Riley and Seth are off to a cage-fighting night with Liam, while Jem worries about Carl’s reaction to his return. Meanwhile, it’s the Tarts and Vicars night at The Dog, but Heidi realises she’s double-booked herself, and is required at a charity fashion show with Carl; Brendan wants Ste to agree that he deserved to be beaten up. But later, is taken aback when Brendan leans in to kiss him.

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