Mercedes and Myra panic as Heidi insists they need to get her to a hospital. Riley is beside himself as is Mercedes who doesn’t know if she can go through with this. Despite her protests, Carl and Riley bundle Mercedes into the car.

Mercedes is taken in for a scan and she sends Carl and Myra outside so she and Riley can be alone. Mercy tells Riley there is no baby but the nurse tells her not to be so hasty. Mercy says she doesn’t understand but before she can divulge any further, the sound of a baby’s heartbeat can be heard as the nurse declares the baby is perfectly healthy. Riley cries tears of relief while Mercedes is in shock – she really is pregnant! The nurse reveals Mercedes is about 14 weeks which means she has no clue who the baby’s father is!

Amy’s furious with Leanne and, breaking the conditions of her bail, she confronts her. Leanne tries to get her to have a grown-up chat but things go from bad to worse when Leanne’s crocodile tears are convincing and she quickly succeeds in making Amy look guilty.

Also, at Chez Chez, Brendan and Warren are at loggerheads when Warren gets his hands on some dodgy cash.

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