Mercedes learns the truth about Browning

Mercedes is furious that her mum is continuing her hate campaign against Browning, while Myra is terrified when Trevor visits her at the florist asking about Jacqui. Cindy and Lindsey tell Mercedes what her husband did to them but she puts on a brave face in front of them. However, she’s visibly tormented when she leaves Cindy’s flat. Dr. Browning visits Trevor and reiterates how much he wants Myra killed, unaware Mercedes is listening, horrified.

Vincent is desperate to go home and looks at a flyer for ‘Re-born’ – an organisation claiming to cure homosexuality. Tilly, George, Phoebe and Vincent are introduced to the organiser, Jeremy. He invites them to a seminar, which Vincent seriously considers. Vincent is torn when Jeremy encourages him to go on one of their retreats. He starts to write a Facebook message to Akin about his developing feelings for George, but when Phoebe reads it, she thinks it’s about her.

Joe and Freddie give Ziggy a hard time about ‘being under the thumb’ when he chooses Ruby over them and unable to handle the banter, Ziggy cancels his date with the teen and ruins everything. Joe and Freddie are shocked when Ziggy reveals he actually likes Ruby – can he make things right?

Meanwhile, Cindy struggles to control her agoraphobia.