Cheryl supports Mercedes as she makes peace with Malachy in Ireland. Cheryl leaves her alone and Mercy tells him all about Riley. Later, the pair bump into Lynsey and her old friend Pete. He tells them that he is moving to Hollyoaks tomorrow to work in the school, but it’s clear Cheryl is hiding something. When she confronts Lynsey about how Brendan will feel seeing Pete, Mercy is confused

Rhys questions Gilly and it’s clear that he is starting to doubt Jacqui’s story. Meanwhile, Jacqui reveals that Gilly raped her to Myra and Carmel. They’re shocked but Jacqui’s more upset when Carmel tells her it won’t be an easy process. Tom is devastated when Frankie tells him that he won’t be able to see Gilly, so he runs away and turns up at Gilly’s flat.

But just as he gets there the police arrive and Gilly struggles as news spreads that he’s been charged with rape. Tom is forced to move back in with the Osbornes.

Also; Ste is at Look Sharpe and it’s clear that Noah is still really keen. But he doesn’t count on Brendan overhearing Noah asking him out.

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