Mercedes is on the warpath!

As Joanne and Joe cosy up for a drink, an angry Mercedes throws a spanner in the works...

Mercedes is floored when she finds out the drugs that were planted in her bag on her hen do weren’t what they seemed. Elsewhere, Joanne smashes her own tail-light and takes her car to the garage, where Joe agrees to go for a drink with her as mates. But they’re soon confronted by Mercedes who accuses Joanne of sabotage.

Peri and Nico are concerned to hear their prank on Cameron has taken an unexpected turn. Adam and Warren battle to support Maxine when she wakes up in hospital and they’re all devastated when she loses the baby. Later, Warren overhears Nico talking about the incident, and she blames Cameron.

Also, Alfie wants to keep his recent cancer news from Jade while she’s still having treatment.

And Celine urges Cleo to do something about her feelings for Nathan – today!