Mercedes quizzes Carmel about Russ

As the McQueens keep a vigil by Carmel’s hospital bedside, Mercedes worries about her sister but also wants to know what she was doing in Russ’s arms. When Carmel finally comes round, Mercedes asks her what’s going on with her and Russ. But Carmel isn’t too impressed with the manner of Mercedes’ questioning and puts her in her place.

Justin is delighted when Katy wakes up, but Warren is keen for Justin to stay away from his sister. To Justin’s surprise, Katy defends him for saving her life. Justin apologises to Katy for the way he’s behaved, and Warren is stunned when Katy forgives Justin and tells him she wants to get back together.

Danny is surprised to learn that Jessica hasn’t been to the police following his botched attempt to fix the boiler in Halls. Jessica tells him to keep quiet about it, but elsewhere, Myra is on the warpath after finding out Jessica and Danny were responsible for the carbon monoxide leak.

Also, Gilly is amazed when smitten Rhys refuses to spill the beans about his date with Beth and winds him up when Beth fails to get back in touch.