Mercedes seduces Tony

Mercedes gets a black eye from Jacqui after goading her sister about her split from Tony. Meanwhile, a morose Tony hits the bottle and whines to Russ about Jacqui’s selfish attitude over his son, Harry. Later in the village, a drunk Mercedes forms an unlikely bond with the equally inebriated Tony who confesses he once starred in a porn movie. Mercedes grabs a bottle and drags him upstairs to view the DVD, and the pair end up getting passionate in Tony’s bedroom while Jacqui tries to phone Tony to tell him she loves him.

Feeling like she is intruding in the Ashworths’ home, Beth tries to look for alternative accommodation. Rhys is secretly pleased she’s leaving, but later, when Josh attacks Beth for using Hannah’s stuff, Rhys finds himself defending her in front of everyone.

Dom is concerned about Tony in the wake of his break up with Jacqui and his distracted manner frustrates Tina. But she’s also concerned about her lecherous work colleague Pete, and isn’t able to properly enjoy Dom’s romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Also, Amy worries that Ste is stealing things in order to support her and baby Leah.