Mercedes sleeps with the enemy

Mercedes goes round to Trevor’s flat and sleeps with him. After successfully planting the ID card in his wallet, Mercedes, Carmel, Ste, Doug and Jim celebrate. However, it doesn’t last long when Trevor arrives to tell them the police didn’t find anything and later, Jim is revealed as Trevor’s informant.

Tom’s plan to reunite the Osbornes works, when Jack is called to the school to see Patrick. He leaves a voicemail for Darren to meet him there, but Sienna intercepts Jack’s message and deletes it. Sienna then makes Darren think his whole family has abandoned him and pushes him into getting their own bar.

Ste and Doug share an awkward dinner in The Dog with Danny and his wife. Doug becomes suspicious about what Danny’s hiding when talk turns to children, Doug confronts him about being Ste’s dad.

Martha starts to have her suspicions about Will’s true nature. He panics when he hides the locket in an air vent at the Kane’s house and it goes missing. His paranoia is at fever pitch, trying to work out if Ash or Martha has got it. He’s caught riffling through Martha’s drawers – busted. Meanwhile, Ash is planning to propose to Will and recruits an awkward Dodger and Maxine to help her, unaware of their recent liaison.