When Darren shows Mercedes the incriminating photo he took of Hannah, Mercedes decides to teach her a lesson and asks Elliot to retrieve the photo from Darren’s memory card. She sends the photo to a stunned Danny who storms out of the pub when Hannah is unable to give him an explanation. Later, Mercedes offers herself to Darren to fulfill her half of the bargain but he furiously rejects her. Feeling dejected, Mercedes bumps into Danny and offers him a shoulder to cry on. Fed up with being the nice guy, Danny leads Mercedes up to his bedroom.

Forced to sleep rough, Fletch sells his phone to Michaela to get his next hit. Believing that staying in school isn’t helping, Fletch decides to leave permanently. Sasha later finds Fletch on the brink of scoring more heroin. He offers to share his wrap with her and pleads with her to leave Hollyoaks with him for London. Will Sasha choose Fletch or her family?

Despite Warren’s attempts to save baby Charlie, Frankie still refuses to forgive him for his part in incriminating Jake. Infuriated, Louise sets up an interview with a journalist from the Chester Herald to show what a hero Warren is.

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