Mercedes visits Browning in prison

Mercedes goes to visit Browning in prison – she has no intention of ever forgiving him and infuriates him by telling him about her night with Trevor. As far as she’s concerned, he can die in prison and doctor evil knows he’s lost the love of his life. Mercedes is secretly heartbroken when she finds out her husband has taken his own life in prison.

Tom goes to the flat with a toy for Oscar and puts it in the baby’s room, with a secret camera. Sienna opens a parcel containing a fake baby bump but has to hide it quickly, unaware that Tom’s spy cam has seen everything. Darren’s surprised when Sienna asks him to sleep in the spare room until the baby’s born. Later, Darren finds the camera but assumes Tom has been peeping on Sienna again and returns it without looking at the incriminating footage.

Leanne tells Martha, Dodger and Dennis about Will’s stalker behaviour which piques the interest of Dodger. He traps Leanne and Will in the Lads Pad until someone tells him the truth. Elsewhere, Martha tries to convince Ash to go with her to Dubai, to no avail.

Doug suggests he and Ste should start fresh somewhere else and Leah encourages her dad to go, but Danny is determined to stop them.