Tensions are high on the day before the wedding. Dodger is agonising over his best-man’s speech, while Texas worries about Will’s health and Will has Dr. Browning on his back. Meanwhile, Mercedes has had enough of playing the waiting game and insists she wants her money back, even if she has to kill to get it. Later, Will goes to meet Browning with some of the money, but as soon as Will realises Mercedes is involved, he threatens the scheming pair with the police.

Meanwhile, Dodger is fully expecting Texas and Will’s wedding day to be the worst day of his life. He goes to the lad’s pad to beg Texas to run away with him. They kiss passionately, but for Texas that was a goodbye kiss and Dodger is heartbroken.

Maxine is torn by her decision, and tries to forget her troubles by jumping into bed with hunky Freddie. But it’s clear she isn’t really ready to move on from Patrick.

Also, Ste lays down some ground rules to Freddie if he’s going to help him deal drugs and Robbie blackmails Ste to let him help; Sienna enlists help from a close friend.