Russ grows increasingly uneasy at Mercedes’ plans to sue The Loft following last night’s fake accident with the broken disco ball. Determined to get her hands on some easy cash, Mercedes turns up at The Loft wearing a neck brace, demanding that Clare pays up.

Clare tries to get out of it by offering Mercedes a cheap hen night but, when Mercedes turns her down, she realises she has no other option but to claim on her insurance. But when they refuse to pay out, a smug Warren insists that the reluctant Clare pays Mercedes out of her own pocket.

Unable to cope with Sarah’s glam new job as a model, downcast Craig looks to John-Paul for support and the pair have a heart to heart in The Dog. But Craig is irritated when Sarah bursts in to show off her brand new modelling photos.

And when a male model phones Sarah, Craig’s irritation turns to anger and he angrily snatches her mobile. Furious, Sarah tells Craig that he has no right to control her life. But Craig refuses to back down, and a tearful Sarah flees the pub, leaving their relationship hanging in the balance.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday July 3*

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