Gaius gets a mysterious visitor in the middle of the night, who tells him that he’s wanting to find the third part of a special key. His name is Julius, and he was a past student of Gaius.

Merlin overhears Julis telling Gaius about how he wants to gain access to a tomb in Askhanar, where a dragon egg has lain undisturbed for 400 years, but Gaius says that he doesn’t want a part in his plan, and tells him to leave Camelot immediately.

But Merlin has other ideas, and he tracks down Julius – telling him he will help him. After stealing a key from Arthur, Merlin teams up with Julius to find the egg. But Julius betrays Merlin, and suddenly Merlin finds himself in a race to get the dragon egg and save it before Julius gets it.

Managing to salvage the egg, Merlin goes back to Camelot where he faces the wrath of Gaius for not listening to him. But showing him he has the egg, all is forgiven. Merlin then goes to visit The Great Dragon, who instructs him to summon the baby dragon from the egg.