Merlin’s mysterious offer of help

Morgana and her troops storm a city in Odin’s lands to track down and capture Alator of the Catha (Gary Lewis), for she knows that the magical warrior can tell her where to find Emerys.

As refugees from the sacked city seek shelter in Camelot, Merlin finds a piece of parchment with Alator’s signature on it. This upsets Gaius, who revealed to Alator that Emerys was Merlin.

In the forests outside Camelot, Merlin encounters a mysterious woman who warns him that the great battle is nearing. Gaius tells him not to trust the woman for she bears the mark of a priestess and therefore must be in league with Morgana. Fearing Merlin is about to fall into a trap, Gaius warns Arthur about the woman and sends Mordred out to track her down.

In a ruined temple in the darkling woods, Merlin meets the woman, Finna (Sorcha Cusack), who tells him that she is a servant of Alator and has come to tell him how he can ensure Camelot’s fate. But their meeting is interrupted by Mordred’s patrol.

Later, Finna manages to get word to the imprisoned Alator that she has found Emrys. But when the note is discovered, Morgana kills Alator.

With Mordred’s aid, Merlin slips away from the patrol, but is shot by an arrow. Finna helps the wounded warlock to a nearby tower where she entrusts him with a box and tells him not to trust Mordred.

Finna then sacrifices herself to prevent Morgana from discovering Merlin, who hides out on the roof of the watchtower until the dragon arrives to take him home.

The episode ends with Merlin learning that the ancient dragon’s days are numbered, while Gaius opens the box to find another prediction about Arthur’s death. Then Arthur receives a gruesome message from Morgana declaring war on the kingdom.